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Food Safety

Food Safety is Our Top Priority

Our food safety systems and protocols meet, and in many cases, exceed requirements set out by national agencies. With an engaged, accountable team, we’ve adopted an aggressive and innovative approach to food safety. Our belief is that food safety is the responsibility of the entire team, it begins with education about hazards and continues with the diligence of each team member to take accountability for the product they produce.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Program (HACCP)

All federally inspected meat establishments in Canada require a complete food safety system called HACCP. At JBS, we ensure the safety of our products through the effective implementation of our approved HACCP System. A HACCP system includes prerequisite programs, HACCP plans, validation, and documentation of control measures that have an immediate impact on food safety as well as maintenance and reassessment procedures.

All JBS programs are verified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) via the Compliance Verification System (CVS).

The CVS is an efficient, uniform approach to verify compliance with regulations in Canada and with regulations specific to our export partners.

Prerequisite programs describe suitable conditions and activities necessary to maintain a hygienic environment and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

HACCP programs are written, approved plans to control hazards with specific processes and/or products.

We have developed a systematic measurement tool to identify and analyze potential risks prior to them becoming hazards; and defined mandatory, effective means of their control.

Through extensive training and auditing, we maintain effective protocols to reduce foreign objects.

We’re Leaders in the Industry

Not only do our team members have an ingrained passion for food safety, our exceptional practices have been confirmed by external auditors and industry partners, recognizing our facility as a leader within the industry.

Slaughter Actions for Excellence – awarded for outstanding commitment and execution of food safety systems.

We consistently achieve the highest possible grade in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety audit. This audit assesses every aspect of the business to validate product safety, integrity, legality and quality.